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all natural bite-sized cupcakes


Our Story

We are two moms who started Thimble Cakery so that our kids could enjoy tasty, portion-controlled desserts with no added preservatives or artificial food coloring.  Our bite-sized treats are freshly baked, mom-tested, and kid-approved. Kids and adults alike will love popping our delectable, colorful, and delicious morsels.

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Our Product

Always fresh

Our cupcakes are freshly baked and made with only the finest ingredients. From top to bottom, our delicious morsels have no added artificial colors.

All natural

We use plant-based, vegan-friendly food dyes for our cupcakes and icings. We carefully select sprinkles and toppings that that are made with all-natural food coloring and never add chemicals or additives.


Our Favorites



Vanilla cake with fresh strawberry icing,  topped with strawberry drizzle and white chocolate

Price List

Single Cupcakes

Single Cupcake                                  1.25

Single Mochi Cupcake                       1.50

Gift Packages

                                                             Regular       Mochi

4 Cupcakes (gift bag)                             5.00            6.00

6 Cupcakes (gift bag)                             7.50           9.00

12 Cupcakes (gift box)                          15.00        18.00

24 Cupcakes (gift box)                          25.00        28.00

40 Cupcakes (quarter sheet)               40.00        45.00

96 Cupcakes (half sheet)                      90.00        95.00


How to Order

 Visit  us at the Pacific Palisades Farmers Market every Sunday from 8am-1pm!

We service the greater southern California area.

Email us at thimblecakery@gmail.com

Call us at (951)638-4258

Message us @thimblecakery


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